Grand canyon overview

To see Travelling to the west two visits were mandatory – the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley. We respected it.
The canyons are a powerful image of nature, but Monument Valley touched me more deeply.

​I read about the not very friendly way Europeans dealt with Indian when the territory was parted. I read about the hard condition that most natives have to accept, in the reserves where they were confined. Looking at the deserts of Nevada we have to think: How do they manage to live in search a hard environment?

Here, the answer is automatic: tourism. The entrance to the park is only possible escorted by local Indians, who also explore the restaurant and gift shop. That’s serious and useful work. But… before that? And the other millions that don’t have the memories of John Wayne to sell?

John Wayne was not there. Unfortunately, he will never be. But his memory stays in each rock and in each trail. The strange formations are no surprise for anyone, but give us a feeling of being in some familiar place. And the whole makes us reflect about the power of movies, that gave an universal dimension to that park.

The game of colors


Descending to the river is hard, taking time (and money or… risks). Most people follow the rim using the several marked and protected points to a view over the wide scenery.

​One interesting detail is to use the frequent changes in the weather to appreciate the game of colors: the bright contrasts of the different chemical layers, giving place to the dramatic softness of the shady slopes. And with luck, a surprising scene may be captured – see Sunset under the rain or The Power of Nature

Sunset under the rain


In a rainy day, the guide spent almost all day announcing the wonders of the sunset in the Grand Canyon.

I thought it was just “guider’s conversation” but, at the right moment (American efficiency) the clouds opened a small frame and… well… even the rainbow adhered to the party.

​Do not miss, and good luck.

The power of Nature


If you have my luck (visiting the Grand Canyon under deeply different weather conditions) you will have the chance to feel how strong the natural elements are.

Not only the carving of the canyon evidences the mighty power of water and wind, but the behavior of nature may provide a live performance of some of its strong powers.

​Dramatic shadows, thunders, bright colors, compose a kaleidoscope hard to forget.