Lucea from the hotel


To see ​To be honest I didn’t go to Lucea.

As a matter of fact we spent a couple of days in a very good resort that, back home, I noticed that it was located in Lucea.

​It surely deserves the notes that I’m going to post here.

Martha Brae


I know the only two persons who went to Jamaica without descending a river on a bamboo raft. We didn’t share that rarity, and did it in Martha Brae, near Lucea.

There are many other alternatives locally announced in the hotels, and they may be better than this – we had a calm descent for about 45 minutes, in what turned almost in a “botanical parade”.

Nice, calm, relaxing, but without the touch of emotion providing by a section of fast running waters.


Sunset Cove
The most beautiful beach that I saw in Jamaica was a private (I think!) one in Palladium hotel – the water… the trees… the proportions… everything perfect.




Typhoons are common in Jamaica, and a risk that everybody may consider before leaving. They compromise the touristy activity and prices, though the tourism is investing to minimize the menace.

The new hotels are being built expecting to be crossed by frequent typhoons, with the least possible damages. The solutions go from strong walls facing the sea to open spaces where the winds may pass with ease.

We saw it in Palladium, a brand new hotel, where the lobby and restaurants where widely open and covered spaces. When the next typhoon comes, they will only remove the furniture and let it pass.