Memories of Maragogi

Personal memories ​Town

Fernanda loves the beach, but recovering from the sun means… shopping around.

In Europe all the resorts are prepared to Fernandas, but in Brazil, only Porto de Galinhas approached to her taste. 

It was a superficial look, but Maragogi seemed a very small town, with not many attractions when the sun goes down.

​Wrong? maybe, but that’s what we saw and felt.

​Unexpected Rain


You are under an abrasive sun, and then, suddenly, the sky gets dark, a wind sweeps the beach and you are caught by a freezing and heavy rain. 

That’s the tropics, and after some minutes everything is dry again, the sun shines and people gets back to laughing.

​We had it in Maragogi, while in catamaran, and… when it stopped it was fun, but I heard (and found in Recife) that even in the tropics, sometimes the rain may be boring, so you better