Shopping in Sharm-el-Sheikh

Na’ama Shopping: In the Centre

Shopping Right in the center of the lively area of town, this shopping was a mandatory visit each, night to the females of our group. 

We followed them, and could notice that it has a clean and organized view, with well presented shops, but I don’t know how do the prices behave, in comparison with the small shops around it.

Il Mercatto: Big Mall


A big shopping mall in Hadaba was in our way to and from the beach, but, too hot during day time, and a little bit out of the way at night, we only visited it once and quickly.

Well, it has all that you may expect, and the ladies had fun trying several exotic cosmetics. 

Nameless shops: Small street shops


Though too modern to hold a typical souk, we may find in Naama Bay a few areas where commerce follows the local standards and traditions.

​A few narrow streets in the modern construction of the touristy city, have some small shops and stalls, where the flavor of Muslim way of trading.

Browsing those dark and narrow streets is a relaxing contrast to the organized and kitsch display in the touristy avenues.