Sheraton – Sharm-el-Sheikh

Sheraton – Sharm-el-Sheikh
Sheraton – Sharm-el-Sheikh
Sheraton – Sharm-el-Sheikh

Special hotel Eden on the reef

The Sheraton Hotel in Sharm-el-Sheikh is the perfect place for diving novices.

Having no beach, the hotel stands right on the reef, where an artificial platform is the perfect launching place for diving, snorkeling, bathing or only watching the fish fraternize with humans. 

Unique Qualities: Good facilities, next to the reef, with the only drawback that you must be careful with your room location. the hotel is excellent, but they have some villas atop the hill, that require transportation to the main building and the reef. 

The transportation is easy and free, and there are pools in the village, but, in the severe hot, we struggled hard to remain in the main building, with success, and lots of reasons to believe we did right.

If you keep in mind that you are in Africa, which means that time is not important, the service is good.

I saw it again when passing by boat to Tiran island – still great, still perfectly located, still full of people. It was a pity that some people in my group couldn’t afford it!

Comparison: more expensive than average
Directions: Sharm-el-Sheik
Phone: 351918781239
Price: US$120-180