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Vodice – memorable swim in a nice region


To see Visiting Vodice

Vodice was, in our plans, the first day on the beach. The hotel mentioned as a resort was a good promise, and the city listed nothing special to see, so, upon arrival we went to the sea.

Well it was a real adventure, that made us give up of the private “beach” of the hotel, and walk a bit along the coast. Not far from the hotel, we found a REAL beach, but already out of time to try it.
Lots of people, a lively image, and the conclusion that I should have prepared better that stop.

​Beach (?) 


“Hotel in the beach” is not exactly the same as “Hotel near the beach” as I found in Vodice. I had there one of my worst experiences in the sea, and, a couple of hundred meters to the left, the beach could be… well, a beach!

As a matter of fact, this ocean resort near Sibenik makes me confuse. 

The thousands of people enjoying the night showed the popularity of Vodice, but in front of my hotel, swimming was a nightmare. 

I couldn’t check the beach, but I don’t believe it would be possible to attract so many people if it didn’t have the necessary conditions. Anyway, I must confess that Vodice was my worst experience in Croatia.

​​Typical house


While leaving town, in the morning, we were surprised by the calm, in strong contrast with the lively animation in the eve.

Seeing us looking so attentively through the window, the guide announced us one building as the typical Croatian house.

​Don’t ask me the distinctive details. He didn’t explain, I didn’t notice. But all the landscape and buildings seem to follow the typical look and, if it is possible to say so after such a convulsive history, the typical architecture.

I recommend Complexities of Punta hotel

Complex means that you will be lodging in one of several buildings spread in a large area. In this case, complex was also the arrival, with the necessity to leave the bus in the road, being transferred to the hotel by shuttles.

Punta hotel - Vodice
Vodice near Punta hotel

​Complex was also the bath in the sea… but that is for another tip. Complex was finding a place to sit at night in nearby town, full of life and excitement. All considered, it was a good stay, in a good hotel (forget the swim!)

Address: Grgura Ninskog 1, Vodice, 22211, hr

Warnings or dangers ​Dramatic Swim 

Before leaving home I checked all the hotels, and discovered that in Sibenik area we would stay in a beach hotel in Vodice.


Upon arrival (this time early enough to have a swim, we went straight to the beach… I mean: to the sea shore.

There was no beach, only some concrete formations by the water.

​No problem I dive from one of them! 

Punta hotel – Vodice

But where? The water was shallow with rocks everywhere. Searching carefully I found a narrow pebble entrance that I used to enter the sea. Slowly advancing, when the water reached my waist it was time to swim.

Wrong! Two seconds later my knee hit a rock, and another, and… I had to come out.

But how? Using both hands and feet I crossed the irregular rocks back inland, ending with two cuts in left hand, one in the left feet, and the knee… and in the pride…

​Be careful! Look exactly where you are going to bath.

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