Vimeiro – good neighbors


Vimeiro is a village less than 5 Km from Turquel.

What can I say about it?

​Nice people, good neighbors, and the traditional simplicity of rural Portugal.

​The church

Visiting Vimeiro
Local church

As usual, the most notorious detail is the church, with the village disposed around it.

​Dedicated to S Sebastian, it is a recent building with a tower from 1904.


Views from the center

Standing in a valley, the village was not exactly the best place for windmills, but, atop the surrounding hills, not far, a few were used and preserved to enhance the landscape.



Close to Vimeiro, in Gaio, a reserved area may be used to picnics.

As a matter of fact, it seems to be a club’s area to parties, but it is open and I was told that it may be freely used, so, if you need to stop and eat your catered food, that may be a place.

Bad day Vale do Vimeiro – Suprise

Vvimeiro 0
Vvimeiro 0

I couldn’t imagine that far from everything, in a very secondary narrow road, someone decided to open a large restaurant, breathing optimism for its look, size and location.

Vale do Vimeiro
Vale do Vimeiro

In a rainy night I had a reasonable quick dinner, served with simplicity, but being in a large group with reserve it was impossible to check the regular service.

​One day, when I decide to have a meal out and not far from home, I will try it again.

Address: R Igreja, 45

Facebook: Vale

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