V. V. R?d?o

V. V. Ródão – 2nd visit


To see Gates of Ródão

Vv rodão 602
The narrow passage

This narrow passage of Tejo river is so close to the Spanish border that it is generally considered as the entrance of the river in Portugal.

​The natural landscape is wild and beautiful in the whole area.

Vv rodão 612
General view

The landscape is overwhelming and in the surrounding mountains it is difficult to choose the best viewpoint.

King Wamba castle

Vv rodão 518
Wamba castle

Maybe the best is the hill toped with a ruined castle.

The castle dates back to the 12th century and has been restored and open to visitors, providing great views of the surrounding area.

Vv rodão 134
Chapel and castle

Exiting the castle we pass by the Chapel of Senhora do Castelo, a modest construction that seems connected with the difficulties of boatman while passing through Portas de Ródão.

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