Vila Nova de Gaia

Gaia – fine Port across 2 bridges


Gaia – Port Wine Domains

Across the river, Gaia is married to Porto, being almost forbidden to visit one of them without crossing the bridge.

Port wine cellars

Visiting Gaia
Rabelo boats

If you want to taste and/or buy Porto wine, or searching for a wide view of Porto, head to Gaia.

Satisfied your purposes, the historic Porto is just there, across the old D. Luis bridge, built by Eiffel, as you may guess just by looking at it.

​D. Luis Bridge

Vila Nova de Gaia
Don Luis Bridge

Does it belong to Porto or Gaia?

I mean: what is “the other side of the river”?

Until I decide it, I better mention the bridge in both pages. If you read about it in Porto’s page just skip this. Or… go back there, and find how it looks more complex after a careful and detailed wine tasting.

​And… don’t drive back. Porto, in the other side, is at a safe walking distance.

I recommend Cidade – Excellent

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Gaia - fine Port across 2 bridges

In my first lunch in Gaia someone recommended us this restaurant, a little “out of the beaten path” but close to the place where I needed to go.

It was a very good suggestion: The restaurant is large, with a modern but discreet decoration, combining well space with intimacy, without the usual noise of the big Portuguese restaurants.

Eating in Gaia
Eating in Gaia – Cidade

​The staff was very nice and welcoming, with extreme sympathy and efficiency.The food had no design (which uses to double the prices), but everything was delicious and well served, at a very popular price.

Excellent lunch!

Favorite Dishes: They call it “Naco de Vitela”, it is often called “Posta Mirandesa”, but, no matter the name, it is a high and very tender stake, with a delicious sauce and well balanced side vegetables.

The suggestion was “Bacalhau”! 

Well, next time it will be Bacalhau. Because, I will try to have a next time… 

Yes, there has been “a next time” and Bacalhau was the choice. Everything was perfect again. Delicious lunch with nice presentation, in a very kind ambience, at a good price. Let’s see what happens in the third visit.

​Wine, wine, wine

V. N. Gaia
D. Luis Bridge

Gaia is not a touristy destination, but no visit to Porto would make sense without crossing the bridge.

They should call it “Gaia wine”, instead of “Port wine”. All the great producers line the river in Gaia waterfront. Which one should you choose?

Well, they all offer from the common Port to the excellent one, so that’s up to you, and if you are extremely exquisite and want to identify the differences, no problem, two months of intensive daily tasting should be enough. ​

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