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Barquinha – Strong bet in art

To see Visiting Barquinha

Thanks dance

Several times I passed in Vila Nova da Barquinha, always rushing somewhere else, which means… no time to look around.

Dancing took me there one more time, and this time allowing a couple of hours to walk around.

Of course, I used them!

Just let me organize my pictures and a few tips will come out.

Pombeiro park

Visiting Barquinha
Visiting Barquinha – Pombeiro

After many passive years, Barquinha is now opening to tourism.

Great part of the riverfront is now occupied by a big (7 acres) park, inaugurated in 2012, with a very attractive look.

Large lawn, good shaded areas, some of them prepared for picnics, ponds and fountains, served by a couple of stalls with esplanade, are a good invitation for summer days.

​Spread in the park there are 11 sculptures of contemporary artists.



In what was the town’s entry point, a fountain was built in 1863, by popular initiative, using decorative material from an old convent and a demolished bridge.



More than a simple park, the Contemporary Sculpture Park is an award-winning open-air museum, displaying gigantic creations by several contemporary artists, some of them also award-winning.

Park Gallery


Complementing the sculpture park, the Park Gallery was opened in 2012, dedicated to temporary art exhibitions, especially painting.

City Hall


Six small differences distinguish the Parque Gallery from the old Town Hall. Anyone who discovers them has the right to rest for an hour in Pombeiro Park.

War memorial


The first of the many Portuguese killed in France in WW1 was a native of Barquinha. In 1936 this memorial was inaugurated there, evoking the memory of all the victims of the municipality.



Built in 1921 as a hospital, the Misericórdia building was converted into a nursery in 2007, in a reuse that respected the characteristic design of the beginning of the last century.



A curious competition between municipalities, especially smaller ones, is the decoration of roundabouts. In a location that focuses on contemporary sculpture, the main roundabout is creative, well integrated into the global concept.