To see Vigo again

I was in Vigo for the first time in 1974, at a time when photos involved rolls and scratches, requiring rationing. I kept an image of the city that was not very appealing in terms of tourism, and for that reason not only did I not keep any image, but I never thought of going back.

The city

However, in 2019, a new trip to Santiago de Compostela proved to be a new opportunity. Bad luck! A breakdown in the car made me reach the city in a puff of smoke, more willing to look for the salvation of a mechanic than to appreciate the city. I vaguely remember stopping at a pleasant viewpoint overlooking a banal harbor scene.


I remember that the general idea confirmed a city of intense economic activity with an air of some modernity.


In the middle of the smoke, I even managed to photograph a classic building, which I later read was the Garcia Barbón theater.


This time I saw something in Vigo.


All in all, I reinforced that the largest city in Galicia is a work and business area, dominated by the estuary.
Oh, it’s true! I managed to bring the car back home, smoking, after more than 2000 km without bursting it.

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