Vidago – a 1 hour glimpse


The name Vidago is closely linked to a well-known natural carbonated water. The same happens to the small village where the source is located.

To see Palace

Vidago 810
Vidago 810

Built in 1910 to take advantage of the famous local thermal waters, which have grown in prestige since the royal visit in 1877, this palace was considered the most luxurious hotel of that time.

Over the years, it lost prominence and fell into decay, until in 2007 one of the most renowned Portuguese architects, Siza Vieira, was called in for its recovery.

Continuing to operate as a hotel, the palace became the local symbol, and the greatest monument to visit.

Access to the park surrounding the palace is restricted to groups of up to 25 people, lasting up to 30 minutes, but anyone who can afford a luxurious stay benefits from total freedom.

Alto Coto

Vidago 629
Vidago 629

Alto do Côto is the hill that dominates the whole village of Vidago and a good part of the Ribeira de Oura valley. The little chapel was built in the thirties by the people, who believed, and still believe, that a local lady was a saint.

At the top of Alto do Côto, there is also the Clock Tower, which was inaugurated in 1957.

Nossa Senhora da Conceição

Vidago 531
Vidago 531

Anyone passing through Vidago as quickly as we did can take home the idea of an ancient Romanesque church that is very well preserved.

In reality, it is a relatively recent construction, perfectly replicating the classic style. It was an initiative of the director of the thermal water company and the parish priest, who, with the political support of the emerging dictatorship, managed to mobilize the population from 1933 onwards.

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