Viana do Castelo district

Viana do Castelo district

To see My preferences in Viana do Castelo district:

** Very interesting:
     Viana do Castelo
     Ponte de Lima
* Interesting:
     Ponte da Barca

     Arcos de Valdevez
     Valença do Minho
 With time: 
     Caminha, Melgaço, Sistelo

​Minho River

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Smaller and less promoted than Douro or Tejo, Minho, the river that separates Portugal from Galiza, in Spain, provides here and there wonderful landscapes, and good nautical sport’s facilities.


Viana do Castelo district

The mouth of Minho river creates a large beach, protected by a small island with a lighthouse topping an old fort.

The water is cold as everywhere around, the surf sometimes strong, but the views are nice.


Setubal district

One of the most remote cities of Portugal, I only visited Monção twice.

​In a brief view, I noticed the dominant calm, the importance of the river, and the green wine, that is its biggest richness.

Ponte de Lima

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Sometimes there are things that we can’t explain: Ponte de Lima is a nice city, with a typical image reflecting in the river, calm, with the good food and hospitality of Minho, but… why didn’t I never GO to Ponte de Lima? 

I’ve been there several times, always enjoying the place, but always moving quickly to… somewhere else. 

​Why? I just can’t explain. It just happened that way, however, in my last visit, I dedicated to the city great part of the time that it deserves!

Viana do Castelo

Viana do castelo
Viana do castelo

The northern Top

The most northern city in the coast, green, cool, friendly, proud of its traditions, Viana do Castelo is a very welcoming city, and a reference in naval construction, traditional food and typical costumes.

​Santa Luzia is the city’s highlight, but travelling around is an opportunity to find some beautiful almost unspoiled places

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