Valladolid – 3 hours for lunch and a quick look


Visiting Valladolid – A simple city

We made a stop for lunch, and… it was all. However, we didn’t miss much in Valladolid – a simple small city, with a central garden surrounded by the church, public buildings and… our restaurant.

City center

Visiting Valladolid
Street scene

This calm city, displayed around a central garden bordered by the church and some typical buildings, was a good opportunity to start living real Mexico, after a week in the artificial paradise of Cancun.

Rosaldo garden

Valladolid 07
Rosaldo Garden

The centre of town is occupied by a square garden, surrounded by the most important buildings.

​Though not outstanding, the general look is harmonious and suggests tranquility, allowing a quick “siesta” un the shades.

Dzitnup cenote

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Dzitnup cenote

In Yucatan water flows quickly to a low level, being accessible through big holes called “cenotes”. 

We visited this one, a big cave with a natural pool inside. 

It was cool, and no one risked a swim, but there was someone doing it.

Positive impression Eating in Valladolid – And the name is…?

Eating in Valladolid
Eating in Valladolid

We stopped in Valladolid in our way inland, just for lunch. With kids, difficult to adapt to strange food, we tried to choose a good restaurant, and found one in the main square, close to the church and city hall.

We had a good lunch, a moderate price, and the kids also enjoyed the meal. And that is good.

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