Vagos – much better in the 2nd visit


Gafanha da Boa Hora

Boa Hora

As I tell elsewhere, my first contact with This city was not very happy.
Despite everything, we started to “make peace” in the best way – with a Gala by the Associação de Dança, where I was saluted for my perseverance.
Strictly speaking, however, I haven’t yet entered Vagos, having stayed on the outskirts, in a modern school complex next to the Church of Gafanha da Boa Hora.

Bad memories


One night, driving through Vagos, I felt an intense and pleasant floral aroma. I was immediately hit by a wave of sneezing, so violent that I hesitated between stopping, not to lose control of the car, or accelerating, to free myself from the aroma that was causing the intense allergic reaction.
I opted for the second, but I didn’t get rid of a headache until I fell asleep.
The next day I woke up with facial paralysis, which took almost a month to recover to 90%.
I don’t know what flower attacked me so surprisingly, but visiting Vagos… maybe in winter!

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