3 Great Trips to USA and other


So far, I made 6 trips to USA, starting in Orlando and Miami in Florida. Six years later, apackage trip took us to New YorkWashington DCHarrisburg and Corning, before crossing to Canada in Niagara Falls.

Seattle, TacomaPittsburgh, Saint Louis and Philadelphia were visited in professional trips.

A great trip to California (driving from San Francisco to Los Angeles, visiting Santa Barbara and San Simeon) and Las Vegas, visiting also the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley was unforgettable.

USA-East and west trips

1992 – Florida

Florida 6
3 Great Trips to USA and other

 My first time in the USA was in 1992, visiting only Orlando and Miami in Florida.

1998 – East cities

USA-East and West
3 Great Trips to USA and other

In 1998 we met a French team in Paris (booking in Degriftour, later bought by Last Minute), to make a circuit that took us to New YorkWashington DCHarrisburgCorning, and Canada.

2004 – West

Grand canyon 5
3 Great Trips to USA and other

In 2004 we went west to California in a well-planned trip that included two nights ins New York to fight Jetlag.

A flight to San Francisco, and a car to drive to Los Angeles, visiting Monterrey, Santa Barbara and San Simeon in the way) and to drop in the airport, before flying to Las Vegas, from where we visited also Bryce and Grand Canyon and Monument Valley, before returning to the East.

Professional trips to USA

In 2002 I had to go again to Corning, visiting Rochester and Niagara Falls, via New York.

in 2004 I had to go to Seattle, and Tacoma, flying back to Pittsburgh, and from there driving to New Jersey, with a stop in… Corning.

Planned trips

St louis 3
3 Great Trips to USA and other

Next trip, I don’t know when, should be to New Orleans, but now… we wait.

​Wrong! I didn’t wait and went to Saint Louis in June, with a stopover in Philadelphia, to add something in the center to my USA-East and West trips. However, New Orleans will keep on waiting!

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