United Kingdom

United Kingdom in 3 good weeks


First time in United Kingdom

My first flight was in 1971, from Brussels to London, costing me a fortune (for a student) equivalent to 1.70 Euros. The free week was all dedicated to London.

In the following visit, again centered in London, we went also to the Cotswolds, Oxford and Stratford.

The third took us to ScotlandNewcastle and Sunderland, and it was all. I know that there’s much of England to see, but… my wife is a sun seeker (well… and dancer, and that allowed us in Blackpool).


London – United Kingdom

Of course, London is the top destination in the United Kingdom, deserving an exclusive page.

Just follow the link.


United Kingdom
Blackpool – United Kingdom

Dancing was the reason that took me to Blackpool, but with time to walk along the city and… to feel it.

It was cold, not matching our image of a beach, but I know that our Portuguese weather is a privilege.

Lots of notes, will mean a long work that will be my Blackpool page.

​It’s already possible to have a look.


United Kingdom
Newcastle – United Kingdom

​I had a visit to Sunderland University, that allowed a night in Newcastle

We had a few hours to walk around, not much, but I got the idea that the city is far from being a remarkable destination in the touristy scope.

Wrong idea? I don’t think so…


United Kingdom

Fernanda loves heat, what drives our trips mainly south.

I’ve been in UK only three times, and only two of them out of London, visiting Edinburgh and the Scottish borders, in one of them, and Blackpool in the other.

​It was nice, because Scotland is interesting, and makes us appreciate more the sun and light of Portugal.

Low cost wonders

Low cost wonders
Low cost wonders

Needing to travel by train from Newcastle-upon-Tyne to Stansted airport, in London, the train, according to my needs, would leave at noon and arrive at the end of the day.

The problem was that the only fare I found in the internet was 60€ per person. It was damn expensive, and in despair, I searched the low cost air companies.

Do you believe that Easyjet took us all (5, yes five people) in less than an hour, and exactly for the total amount of 60 €? How can Easyjet keep flying for so long with this price policy?

Website: Easyjet

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