Trazegnies – a stop by a nice castle


To see Trazegnies

Some places mean nothing, until you read their history, and the hard work done to keep them. This castle is a good example – just read what I collected in its page:

Trazegnies was a powerful and independent seigniory located at the borders of the Duchy of Brabant, County of Hainaut and Principality of Liege. It was also the birthplace of one of the most famous Families of Europe: several lords of Trazegnies took part in crusades.

One of them became High Constable of France under the reign of Louis IX, another one married by proxy of Emperor Charles Quint, princess Isabelle of Portugal. Jean III became Knight of the Golden Fleece and some of them were granted high functions by the governors of the Netherlands. The Family possessed a castel which was worthy of the name. There are only Roman vaults left from the fortress built by Gilles the first, they are a rare testimony from the XIth century.

The fortified Castle was destroyed and burnt in 1554 by the troops of the King of France Henry II.

In 1926, the castle fell in ruins. Then, “The Friend of the Trazegnies castle” society was created. Its aim was the restoration, the preservation, the upkeep and the developing of the monument and its park.

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