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The castle dates back to the 12th century and underwent several renovations throughout history, including significant modifications during the reign of King Dinis in the 14th century.

Near it it’s the Jewish quarter, where visitors can see well-preserved 16th-century houses.

Medieval houses and hydrangeas

I visited Trancoso for the first time at the end of winter, when the Hydrangeas were already shyly announcing themselves. Of course I was forced by the usual person to go back there in the advancing spring. I confess I liked it too. Very much!

King’s gate

Trancoso 55
Trancoso 55

The King’s Gate is a magnificent Gothic-style arch that was built in the 14th century as the main entrance to the medieval town. It is one of the best-preserved gates in Portugal and features intricate stonework and decorative motifs.


Trancoso 641
Trancoso 641

Side-by-side São Pedro Church and Misericordia churches dominate the center of the most touristy area od town.

São Pedro comes from the 16th-century with a Manueline-style portal, a Gothic-style nave and a Baroque-style high altar.

Misericórdia was built in the 18th century and features a Baroque-style façade and a beautiful interior with painted ceilings and elaborate altarpieces. The church also houses a museum of religious art.

Solar dos Costas, Lopes e Tavares

Trancoso 604
Trancoso 604

Solar dos Costas is a 16th-century manor house built by the nobleman Francisco Gonçalves de Queirós, who was a wealthy landowner in the region.

The manor house is a typical example of the Portuguese Renaissance style, with a beautifully decorated façade. Today it is a private property and not open to the public.

Positive impression São Marcos restaurant

S?o Marcos
S?o Marcos

Finding a restaurant open in New Year is not easy, so I booked this restaurant in advance, while driving to town,

We could only eat in the “second shift” using the waiting time to visit the beautiful city.

A small, discrete and simple room was the right place to homemade food, with the typical abundance of the north of Portugal.

​Not outstanding, the food was good and the price correct.

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