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To see  Torrijos – Just passing by

Our plan, returning from the southern coast, was to make a night stop close to Toledo, that half of the group wanted to visit in the next day, while the other half would proceed back home. This hotel was a cheap suggestion of Booking, in the strategically place where we would separate, and we booked it.

We didn’t see the city, the only thing that we noticed was the use of the hotel’s large pool as a comunal one, with entrance to the street.

I don’t know the conditions and prices, but it seems a good idea.

Doubtful impression Hotel Castilla


In this hotel we found good large rooms, and absolute tranquillity for the night.

The pool is very large, well gardened, but we don’t know how did they manage to get a so chilled water in it, in a warm day of August.

Breakfast was very poor, though we might (and did) add extras paid by piece.

Almost the same confusing method applied to dinner, with people eating tapas while the other opted to slow or fast food.

Not bad, but could be better!

Site: Hotel

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