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Torrevieja 7
Pink lagoon

With a density very close to that of the Dead Sea, this curious lagoon could also provide the fun sensations of strong thrust. The problem is that the algae that give it its unusual pink color are toxic, and it is forbidden to enter the water. The spectacle of color remains, for those who have the audacity to go through one of the many holes in the fence that, for safety, surrounds it.


Torrevieja 5
Torrevieja beach

A long, somewhat rugged coastline provides many small or medium-sized beaches, but, in my quick observation, most of them are of low quality. This does not invalidate the fact that many people dispute sand, rocks and the sea in all of them. I enjoyed seeing it, but it didn’t excite me as a holiday destination.

Immaculada Concepciòn

Torrevieja 6

Dominating the main square of the city this church, built in 1789, was short-lived, being rebuilt in 1844 with stones from the old tower that gave the town its name.

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