Toronto by solopes

Toronto – A stop in only 4 hours


The city of Toronto


Just a brief stop at Toronto, enough to see the modern center of town.

​The guide talked a lot about the big tower but the clouds were low, and I only can say that… I believe him.​


​CN Tower


The tower is the highest building in Toronto, and it has all the common attractions in this kind of structures – high speed elevators, rotating restaurant, sightseeing points but also a wine cellar, 3D movies and more.

Sorry we had no time to go up!

Address: 301 Front St. W.

Directions: In the heart of Downtown Toronto, right in between the Sky Dome and the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on Front Street, just north of Bremner Blvd.

​​Ontario Legislative Building


Built in 1893, this was the fifth location to provincial parliament.

​A fire in 1909 destroyed the west wing, that was reconstructed with Italian marble, while the east wing still shows the original wooden details.

Today, it is the governor’s residence.

​Old City Hall


Built by the end of the 19Th century, and used only for seven decades, this building was supposed to be demolished and replaced by skyscrapers.

​A strong opposition forced to keep it, and it is now used by the municipal court

​New City Hall


A new building with Finnish architecture was built in 1965 to house city hall.

Despite its size and modernity, the complex has a superb harmony and good taste.

​1000 Islands

West street

The 1000 Islands are generally referred as an US attraction, and I believe they should be. But the fact is that they follow the border between USA and Canada, in St. Lawrence river, occupying both sides of the border.

I didn’t have time to visit them, and only saw some of them from distance, in our way from Toronto to Montreal.

It seems (surfing internet about it) that the most interesting points are in US side. But… this is what I saw! And where I saw it. Maybe it will be fun, riding a boat around them.

Positive impression Captain John’s Seafood 

Toronto by solopes
Captain John by solopes

Nothing to Remember, and closed now.

Maybe because we were in a package, the food was banal.

Toronto 1
Toronto 1

The restaurant looks fine, the boat its a good idea that helps to create ambience, the service was prompt and kind, and that’s it, in our only meal in Toronto.

Address: 1 Queens Quay W. Captain John’s Pier Toronto

Directions: At the end of Yonge Street

Phone: 416 363-6062

Personal memories Memories of Toronto

Something new in Chinatown

Another Chinatown, with the same colours, the same smells, the same… garbage, as all the other. But with an incidental small difference:

After a week travelling in the USA, and being warned about the characteristic violence of the American society, without any problem, it was in the peaceful Canada, in Toronto‘s Chinatown, that we met the signs of violence. 

Memories of Toronto
Memories of Toronto

The group was not affected, but the guide, professionally, informed that it was… movies. Of course it was! It’s easy to notice the scene:

Everybody, including the man standing on the container, with blood simulating ketchup, was waiting for…

Lights… camera… and… no more action, please!

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