Tangier in 1 day


To see Visiting Tangier

I can’t make justice to this city

I only spent there one day, the final one of my first trip to Morocco, and it didn’t add much to the strong sensations collected further south (well… thinking better, it did. Maybe I will relate it in another place).

​Things may be very different for those coming directly from Europe, and that’s the best way to visit the city.

The beach

Visiting Tangier

The city displays one of the largest beaches that I saw in Morocco. The weather in mid September was good, but the beach was empty.

Why? Cold water? Dangerous sea? Maybe both, but the emptiness and the abandoned look were not attractive.

Pasadena – Affordable Hotel 


I recommend The cheapest hotel in my first trip to Morocco, hardly justifying the four stars, it is, however, a comfortable hotel, a little far from the centre of Tangier.
We couldn’t get ice in our stay (accidental?)

Directions: Road to Tetouan

I think that this hotel is closed. The distance from the center, the dependence of bullfights, locally in desuse, and competition dictated the sentence.

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