Tacoma – Only 2 very quick visits


To see Peeping in Tacoma

Will it be possible to identify a city with one person?

​At least it worked for us: we visited Tacoma searching for Dale Chihuly’s works, and found them where we expected them, in the museum and the glass bridge, but also where we couldn’t expect – in local court.

​We had not much time to go further, and, until next visit, Tacoma, for us, remains… Chihuly’s city.

Glass Museum and Bridge

Peeping in Tacoma

Dale Chihuly made a revolution in glass. I’m not totally convinced about the beauty of the bridge, since it looks too much as shelves in a store, but the glass works are great.

​I was sad for not entering the museum nor the studio, though I think it can’t beat the superb one at Corning.

Address: 1801 Dock St. Tacoma, WA 98402-3217

Chihuli’s Bridge

Glass bridge

I was disappointed with the glass bridge! I was expecting to see glass used in the structure, or shaped to combine with structural elements – it is not.

​The bridge seems a sort of glass warehouse only wit two interesting vertical elements.

Tacoma’s Federal Courthouse


Would it be possible in Portugal?

Na! Our courthouses are always sad and severe buildings, exclusively concentrated in legal affairs.

Art? One painting in the main room, and… that’s it. Or nothing. Here, watching from outside the windows decorated with Chihuly’s pieces, I had to enter the courthouse.

​Austere, discreetly elegant as it is convenient, but the tribute to the local artist continues in the large chandelier, and… dignifies the place.

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