Ston – 2 hours stop


To see Ston

A long wall meandering in a mountain reminds us the great China‘s wall.

​Of course, the proportions have nothing to compare, but, if you decide to climb it, you will find, as I did, that they are not so small…

Located in the wonderful Peljesac peninsula, this small town of Ston surprises by the long and strange walls, from where the sights spread over the salt mines.

Walls… of course


Distracted by the beauties of Peljesac coast, we suddenly arrive to a small town, with a long wall perched in the hills.

More than 5 km long, these remains of Ragusa republic are an invitation – and a health test.

​I passed the test, climbing to the top, where the award is… good views, and the pleasure to feel in good condition.

Salt Mines


The only salt mines that we saw in Croatia were located in Ston.

Maybe taking advantage of the shallow waters and plane land, they compose a geometric complement to the views from the walls.

The Coast


Did I tell you something about Peljesac coast?

No? Well… (Caught you! You didn’t read my other Croatian tips…).

Briefly I say… its a photographer’s paradise at sunset, and it has… Ston walls to climb.

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