Saint-Augustin – Magueline rich ranch


Domaine Magaline in Saint-Augustin

The farm​
To recover from two weeks jumping from big town to bigger town, this stop was a refreshing complement, allowing a contact with rural life. 


Different from the visit to the Amish, where the subject was the people and their social and cultural organization, here the subject was the farming work for itself. 

The farm does work, though carefully prepared to show as an exhibit. The process of making maple syrup is explained in detail, with a final savoring in the proper temperature.

I recommend ​ Food and fun

Magaline’s lunch

Don’t ask me what was the meal (good sign – if bad, I would remember).Don’t ask me the price, because we were in a package tour.

However, I did appreciate the day. As a break visiting big cities, we saw a farm and we even danced square dances, dear Lord.

Address: 7091 Montée Villeneuve, St-Augustin de Mirabel, Qc

Phone: (450) 258-4132

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