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Sorrento – almost missed due to a 2 hours storm


To see At the southernmost end of Naples bay, Sorrento closes one of the biggest natural beauties of Italy.

The beaches… well, we can’t have everything.

​But the sights…

Drive around


Driving around Sorrento is a nice experience.

One of two reasonable beaches, are not reason enough to take you out of the road, however, you must stop here, there and everywhere, because, any place you stop, you risk to have awesome sights.

​So, keep on driving and stopping!


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General view

The coast is really beautiful, but if you are thinking about beaches… you’d better search somewhere else.

​There are a few spots, with some centimeters of sand, you’ll see people diving from the rocks or the piers, but conventional beaches is something to forget here.

The coast

Sorrento 011

Those who know the meaning of beach should spare the word in Sorrento.

Of course there is sea, sand, and sun, but for that, you have thousands of better places.

​The strong point of the city is the glamour, the life, the ambience…

Positive impression Hotel Vila Fiorita – Affordable sights

Sorrento 0
Hotel Vila Fiorita

A little bit outside town, the hotel has a reasonable ratio price/quality, and using its location in the mountain, a wonderful view. 

One single problem: The hotel has a pool, but the clients were not allowed to use it. 


Site: Albergo

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