Srednia Vas

Slovenia – 3 days in a nice small country


To see Visiting Slovenia

 Historic and modern constructions, natural wonders, good food and drink, a few UNESCO world heritage sites, all in a small area,

​Slovenia is great for tourism, with diversity “flavored” with flowers.


Visiting Slovenia - Bled

Bled is really a marvel, but… it doesn’t add much to what we see in postcards – a lake, an island, and a castle hanging over them.

​Maybe the rain that we had added a sad idea, maybe a pain in one foot gave me the wrong mind condition, but I enjoyed more Bohinj.



My sons had already visited Slovenia, which they referred as “the most beautiful” of the several countries they visited.

Ljubljana was special, and, travelling to Trieste area I had to plan this visit.

​It was perfect! Ljubljana is a nice city, easy to visit in the short time that we had. The many thing that I registered are being related in my Ljubljana page.

Website: Ljubljana


Visiting Slovenia – Piran

Occupying the tip of a peninsula, this small city keeps the charm of the ancient days, with narrow streets flanked by old houses and monuments.

Without a real beach, Piran is surrounded by several artificial bathing areas, rounding a small marina.

​Nice place that I describe in my Piran page.

Address: Piran

Website: Slovenia


Visiting Slovenia – Portoroz

I had great expectations about this beach, mentioned as the best of Slovenia.

Well, I was somewhat disappointed – the beach is mainly artificial.

ot ugly, not bad, well equipped, good restaurants, but…I had a quick bath on a tapestry of algae, a good dinner, and a good night sleep in Portoroz. It was all.


Visiting Slovenia – Postojna

World Heritage to UNESCO, this caves were one of our top priorities and they confirmed the expectations.

Postojna impresses for its grandiosity, and the long ride in a small train a freezing but wonderful sensation.

​Pictures are forbidden, but I think that only a 123 years old Spanish lady did respect the polite and discreet recommendations.

Address: Jamska cesta 30, 6230 Postojna

Website: Postojna

Predjama castle

Predjama casstle
Visiting Slovenia – Predjama

Close to Postojna, this “impossible” castle is located at the entrance of a wide cave.

​Protected by the mountain, it was initially built in the 13th century, and served as shelter to several noble families until being destroyed in 1511. A second building didn’t resist an earthquake, and the actual was built in 1570 in Renaissance style.It is served by a complex of caves, linking to Postojna, and with lots of history concerning supplying the castle under sieges.

Address: 6230 Predjama

Website: Predjama

​Ribcez Laz

Srednia Vas
Visiting Slovenia – Ribcev Laz

The closest village to Bohinj lake, and the best place to stay, but Ribcev Laz is also an interesting village.

Skocian caves

Skocjan caves
Visiting Slovenia – Skocjan caves

​The Skocjan caves are the attraction that takes people to this region.

Accepted as Natural World Heritage by UNESCO in 1986, they surely deserve the trip

​Skofja Loka

Skofia Loka
Visiting Slovenia – Skofja Loka

A small city with lots of personality.

The centre of the Skofja Loka, though here and there demanding maintenance, is well preserved, and evidences well the past.

​Short distances make the visit easy and without any boring area.



Right upon our arrival we were caught by the beauty of the villages in Triglav area. Cesnica, Ribcev Laz, and mainly Srednja Vas were a full surprise.

Villages – Srednja Vas

We had our first glimpse by night, when the GPS failed and we lost ourselves near the hotel, but we decided to return by daylight to confirm the good sensation in the dark.

​Plenty of flowers everywhere, and… Fernanda taking the camera from my hands and click…click…click…Come on… we still have Slovenia to see!

Website: Villages

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