Skofja Loka

Skofja Loka


​​ To see Visiting Skofja Loka

Travelling from Bled to Ljubljana I made a small detour to see Skofja Loka.

​It was a good idea, because the city is really interesting, though needing some recovery work


Visiting Skofja Loka

Built in the 13th century, the castle was destroyed by an earthquake in 1511 and later reconstructed.

​Nowadays it is used as the local museum

​Old city

Skofja Loka
Old city

The center of town or “old city” is small, but very beautiful, with many classified houses and palaces, surrounded by harmonious constructions.

It seems to be the best-preserved medieval area in Slovenia.

​Old city hall

Skofja Loka
Town hall

Coming from the 16th century, this wonderful building needing maintenance when we were there, still shows Gothic elements in the facade, though the interior is renaissance.

​Recovering works in 1972 displayed frescoes and many ornamental details inside.

The Mark of Mary

Skofja Loka
Mark of Mary

In the main square of the old town, there’s a pillar on an altar, known as the “Mark of Mary” erected in 1751 to seek protection from plagues and fire.

​At a short distance there’s a fountain from 1883.

​St Jakobs

Skofja Loka
Visiting Skofja Loka – St, Jakobs

Built in 1471, in Baroque style, on the foundations of a small church 200 years older, this church received a new presbytery and bell tower after the earthquake of 1531.

​The interior was revised by the famous architect Plecnik.

Nun’s church

Skofja Loka
Visiting Skofja Loka – Nun’s church

Nun’s church

Built in 1358, after a fire and reconstructed in 1669 it received a baroque statue on top.

​It has some interesting tombstones and a baroque pulpit inside.

​Capuchins bridge

Skofja Loka
Visiting Skofja Loka – Capuchins

Built in the middle of the 14th century, this stone bridge was restored in 1888 and protected with an iron fence.

​In the middle there’s a statue of St John Nepomuk and the engraved seal of Skofja Loka.

​Capuchin’s church

Skofja Loka

Just across the bridge, modernity contrasts with the old image of the city’s center.

Built in 1709, in Baroque style, its architecture was severely conditioned by the order’s austere rules.

​Around it, modern statues and commercial buildings enhance the contrasts.

Personal memories Memories of Skofja Loka

Skofja Loka
Skofja Loka

Language traps

Sometimes we find in other languages words and phrases that coincide with our own language, but as it happened in Skofja Loka, with different meanings.

Memories of Skofja Loka
Memories of Skofja Loka

Most of them are innocent, but sometimes they may be tricky, mainly if you travel with children.

The Slovenian word for “Zone” exists in Portuguese, but with a rather different meaning.

Yes, never use it in portuguese, its rude, and be ready for a difficult explanation if you travel with a Portuguese kid.

​Of course, the picture will mean some laughing to my friends when I will show it to them, and that’s why we took it.

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