Sistelo – beauty in 30 minutes


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Popularized by the competition of the most beautiful villages in Portugal, Sistelo has become an obligatory stop for all Portuguese tourists in the region, and many foreigners.
The village is indeed beautiful, surrounded by a magnificent landscape, (the first landscape in the country to be classified as a National Monument), and deserves the few minutes it takes to visit, or the hours for anyone who wants to explore the various trails that surround it.

Low area

Img 20180501 110339
Img 20180501 110339

Crossed by the national road, the village has two sides: next to the road, and especially on the north side, is the tourist “window”, very well arranged and clean, and with the most interesting details.

High area

Img 20180501 105516
Img 20180501 105516

To the south of the road, there is a steep slope, which few visitors dare to face. This is where the village keeps its authenticity, with details that are equally well cared for, and other signs of abandonment that has become the norm in the rural world.

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