Singapore – 2 days of rich visit


Visiting Singapore

 Planned as a simple extension from Thailand, a couple of days in Singapore, with women and children, didn’t allow much time to do what I wanted (searching deeply the electronics malls), and only gave time to explore some of the city’s highlights, and to a speedy visit of Johor Bahru.

​We felt the discipline, safety and cleanliness of everything, and how locals seem to hate it. Funny, that!

Sentosa Island

Images of Singapore

Sentosa Museum
Sentosa Museum

This museum complex holds three different nucleus, covering the Pioneers and Festivals of the country, and the decisive moments of WW2.

​Though this is the more impressive, the whole museum deserves your attention, specially if travelling with children.

Memories of World War II

Sentosa museum
Sentosa museum

​​In the  museum complex called Images of Singapore, the most dramatic nucleus covers the decisive moments of World War 2, recreated with scaled wax figures.

​Easy to see, attracting both adults and children, it helps us to remember that the tragedy was not an European exclusive.

Underwater world

Sentosa Aquarium
Sentosa Aquarium

A common aquarium becomes special with a simple idea: Instead of making you walk around and over the aquarium, a moving belt carries you below it, giving you the sensation of living inside the aquarium, watching the sharks and other big fishes passing over your head.​

Musical Fountain

Musical fountain
Musical fountain

It is not “the end of the world”, this show combining music, water jets and laser lights.

However, after a day strolling in the island to visit its several attractions, it’s a relaxing end of the day, sitting for half an hour and watching this free event.​



Occupying a relevant place in eastern culture, the dragon couldn’t be absent in the park of Sentosa Island.

A central sculpture invites to the dragon trail, a funny trek to a pleasant relationship between kids and nature.



Blending cultures

East and west blend in many details all over the city. Near Chijmes, a small church displays a western christian look, but, seen in detail, the top tower is more Indian than European.

​That’s the strength of Singapore: enhancing the best from east and west.​

Good Sightseeing Cable Car ​

Cable car - Singapore

The cable car to Sentosa is a good and expensive transport, but also an excellent point of view over the harbour of Singapore and part of the town.

A return ticket costs S$29 including the entrance fee, ($1), While Sentosa Express charges $4.00

Modern and colonial eastern look


In its absolute organization and cleanliness, the city reaches a strange balance between the preserved colonial buildings and the modern look of the skyscrapers.

​The Orient looks present everywhere, but the way of life is closer to the west. It was a good decision “stealing” three days in our stay in Thailand, to a cheap flight to Singapore.

What a strange but perfect blending…

I recommend Equatorial Hotel: R.I.P.


Don’t try to know anything about the hotel where we stayed at Singapore.

It was good, cheap, but was recently demolished to give place to an apartment complex.

Male’s paradise

Shopping mall
Shopping mall

Imagine one shopping where, instead of clothes, shoes, bags or cosmetics, you only have computers and accessories.


Imagine that, everywhere, large screens show you a soccer game. That’s the final revenge of men. We saw the Paradise in Singapore.

And… Believe me! All Singapore was watching Portugal playing against Argentina (a draw!)

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