Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada – Good snow 40 minutes from history

To see Sierra Nevada and snow

About one hour distant from Granada, Sierra Nevada is a nice skiing station. The distance makes it the favorite to Portuguese, and the proximity of the beauties and life of Granada do help a lot.

I’ve never been there in skiing peak season and don’t know how the traffic conditions, but I do believe that staying in town and going there for some hours, as we did, in spring but still with snow, would be the best option.

Best In Spring

Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada is not much than a winter resort, the most attractive to the Portuguese due to price and distance. The best time to visit it is around Easter, when the sun shines in the snow, and, less that one hour distant you have the marvels of “moor” Granada.

​Unless your purpose is only ski, the best is to stay in Granada and make the way forth and back when needed, taking advantage of the best in both sites.

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