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Sibenik in 2 days


​​ Sibenik merges the advantage of being a very beautiful town, with its situation by the National Park of Krka, another absolutely must see. 

We didn’t have much more time in Sibenik than the expressly needed to visit St Jakob church, Unesco heritage, but I think that we saw the essential of the city.
​With an old town with the common characteristics of the region, the connection to modern areas seems well done, and walking in town was a pleasant morning

​St Jakov cathedral

Visiting Sibenik

I’m not an expert in architecture nor history, so, don’t ask me why did this cathedral deserve to become UNESCO heritage, as it did in 2000. I saw Gothic elements with Renaissance ones as in many other churches around. I read that the combination of both styles is particularly well succeeded here. OK. That’s it, nice, but it didn’t impress me that much!​


​Poljana (Tito’s old square)


Exiting the old town we arrive at this large and modern square, without any shock.

A small garden beside it and a flea market help to integrate everything in an acceptable harmony.

​This reminded me that we spent a week in historic Croatia, but didn’t see much of “modern Croatia”. Or did we?

​Tomislav Street


The old town has two main streets, with the main monuments alternating and even coexisting with commercial buildings.

​Tomislaw St is the longest one, showing you City Hall and St Barbara church, ending in Poljana.

​The Canal


Sibenik stands at the end of a long canal, well protected by several ancient fortress.

Approaching from the sea has that additional revelation, with the boat slowly turning left and right as the town unfolds before it.

​We don’t even notice that the approach takes more than half an hour!

Krka National Park

Krka Park

Powerful and gentle. Warm and refreshing. Nature at its best.


The Park

Everybody looks at the water, with good reason, but the park is much more than some beautiful falls and lakes.

​The rich flora, and, maybe, the fauna (I didn’t notice anything special) helps to compose the harmony of the site, and shades the way up by the falls.


The falls

It’s a pleasant walk, going up from the bathing area to the top of the falls.

​Here and there, a watching point allows a stop to rest and enjoy the view. We did appreciate them!



The park is large, and before and after the falls, the water flows slowly, composing some wide lakes surrounded by the forest.

​With a different look, the landscape keeps attractive and peaceful.

Positive impression Konoba Dalmatino – Nice decoration

Konoba 0
Konoba 0
Konoba Dalmatino

We were in a package, eating what was supplied, without choosing the place nor knowing its price. Here, in Sibenik, we had a regular chicken, and enjoyed the decoration of the restaurant.

I think that if they served “a la carte” things would be much better. As usual!

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