Setubal district

Setúbal district – True nature visitable in 3 days

To see Visiting Setúbal district

My preferences:

*** Not to be missed:
  ** Very Interesting.
    Sesimbra, Palmela, Setúbal
    * Interesting:
       Alcácer do Sal, Cabo EspichelSinesSantiago do Cacém,         
With time:
    Almada, Alcochete, CaparicaMelides, Grândola, Porto Covo


Visiting Setúbal district
Visiting Setúbal district – Caparica

​For more than 50 years, Caparica was, for me, no more than an ugly village by the longest beach around Lisbon, just behind Almada.

This year I found Capuchos, and noticed that there’s something more than the “Costa” in Caparica.

t’s never too late to learn.


Setubal district
Visiting Setúbal district – Melides

A small lagoon by the sea, about 5 Km from town, is a good spot for a day in the wild.

The structures are very basic, and, in summer, there is always people spreading in the wide stripe of sand.

​Camping is the main lodging resource in Melides.

Cabo Espichel

Setubal district
Visiting Setúbal district – Cabo Espichel

​Well protected against the north winds, Sesimbra is an excellent place to spend some days.

Pleasant to swim, its good location makes it a good starting point to search for the charms of the region.

Arrábida, Tróia and Cape Espichel are not to be missed.

When passing in Azeitão don’t forget the cheese. And the wine. And…

Porto Covo

Porto covo
Visiting Setúbal district – Porto covo

The most popular beach around Sines is Porto Covo. Some years ago, it was a wild area, with a secluded beach turned into a privilege to the few who could access it.

Successive investments transformed it in a massive holiday place, and… a beach like many other.

​OK! If you want to swim in a not so cold water as up north…



Nestled in the Arrábida Natural Park, and protected by the mountain, Sesimbra is a magnificent beach, just a short distance from Lisbon. No wonder it is a prime place to eat fish.



Setúbal, the capital of the district, is a dynamic city, managing well its relationship with the sea and the nature that surrounds it.

Changing sights in Setúbal district

Visiting Setúbal district – Troia

In the opposite side of the river, Tróia is one of Setúbal best beaches, and a long stripe of sand that allows driving south without the long turno to Alcácer do Sal. New developments in touristy industry are changing the look and use of the peninsula. These sights are gone, but the promises are ambitious – five stars resorts.

​Let’s see what it’s coming.

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