Selcuk – 2 running visits

I’ve been twice in Selcuk, one of them just passing by, the other stopping to visit the museum with the pieces removed from Ephesus.

It’s a nice small town, seeming to live to and from Ephesus.

Will I be wrong?

​Ephesus Museum


The best pieces in Ephesus were removed, and are now displayed in this museum.

It’s easy and quick to visit, located in a nice area of the city, being included in the packages from the harbor of Kusadasi when coming from Greece.

Directions: city center of Selcuk

Phone: +90 232 892 6011

Website: Museum



Selçuk is almost 10 km far from the sea, but the nearby coast seems to have a few tourist spots.

I was taken to a large and comfortable hotel, in Manderes bay, located right on the beach.

​I got the idea that the beach was better (less windy) than the one in Cesme, where we spent a week, that’s why it was hard to understand why do they need so many and so big pools, and the contrast between people in the beach and the crowds in the pool.

Positive impression Political lunch

Now, let me tell you a story:


In my first visit to Turkey, arriving to Kusadasi by boat from Samos, we were asked to pay a price for a guided visit, and dragged to a line of buses, without any details about where to go except the visit to Ephesus, and who was leading us.


The visit was well planned, the time as used as possible, and by lunchtime we were taken to a confuse and ugly place in Selcuk where we ate… something, that was described as a mix of four local dishes, that didn’t make justice to Turkish food.

The visit continued and we were dropped in the harbor just in time to enter the boat back to Greece.

​Looking at the picture took at the restaurant’s entrance, I read “Social Democratic Party”. What a strange tour operator…

I recommend Princess hotel


Situated a bit far from town, this 5 star hotel, by the sea, has everything that you need.

A good beach, large indoor and outdoor pools, spa, gym, everything that you can pay (and not cheap). In a so expensive hotel, I couldn’t accept the confusion and the awful service at lunch, not to mention the flies.

​OK, I was only passing by, and… it passed, but, for a longer stay…

Address: Ilica Mah. Zeytin sk. No 112, Izmir, Izmir, 35330,

Phone: +90 232 893 1096

Website: Princess

Shoe Blacks


I must confess my surprise by the image of shoe blacks in Selçuk.

This occupation, fading in the west, gets in Turkey an interesting look, by the decoration of their working boxes.

Too big to a comfortable transportation, they are, however, a true piece of art.

​We all were using slippers – bad to business…