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Seixal – Sea and mountain


To see I just passed twice in Seixal, only this time stopping for a while. 

A nice village in the north and wild coast of the island, it shows signs of recent development.

The beach is… impossible (seixo means pebble) and people lives mainly from agriculture and… tourism, of course.

The many waterfalls do help!

Véu da Noiva


In my first visit to Madeira, we passed under a waterfall that hits the road near Seixal.

I tried to show it to my friends, this time, and reading about “Véu da Noiva” – bride’s veil, one of the most famous waterfalls, I thought it was it.

​Wrong! It is a common waterfall, far from the road, and the one that I would like to see must be located in one of the closed segments of the old road.

Seixal - Sea and mountain

Old road


It’s remarkable the contrast between the old road that follows the north side of the island and the modern one. Seixal provides good sights but it is a pity that, for security reasons, most sections of the old road are closed to traffic.

Ribeira da Janela


I read that one of the most beautiful villages in Madeira was Ribeira da Janela, by the same river, but with an altitude of more than 500 meters.

Well, I didn’t visit, didn’t see its camping park (the only one in Madeira, they say) only crossed the river’s mouth at sea level, when travelling from Seixal to Porto Moniz.

​Next time…

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