Seia – 1 lunch and many nights


Gate to Estrela mountain

I’ve been in Seia several times, always aiming to the top of the mountain, which means that I really never visited Seia, even sleeping there three or four times.

​That’s unfair, and I will correct it next time.


Visiting Seia
City Center

I’ve been several times in this city, but this was the first one where my intention was… to go exactly there, and have a lunch in Museu do Pão; all the other times Seia was only a stop to sleep, before the emotions in the mountain.

Once again, I had not much time to the city but could have a quick look at it.

The most interesting area that I saw was a small square, with the public library, Misericórdia church, st Paul’s chapel, and a fountain.


​​Bread museum


In the slopes of the mountain a modern investment was used to show the techniques and artifacts traditionally used in bread production.

​In the wide area bread is the king but not the exclusive attraction, in a complex that doesn’t disguise its commercial purpose, topped by a good restaurant.

othercontact: info@museudopao.pt

Phone: +351 238 310 760

Website: Museu do Pão

Serra da Estrela

Useful64 ​Located at the edge of the mountain, Seia and Covilhã are the best places to stay for those who want to visit the mountain without the risks (and prices) of the few lodging solutions in the mountain.

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Seia - 1 lunch and many nights

Reaching the top only takes some minutes, and displacement around is always possible, even during snow epochs.

Most tourist come from the coastal area, and, for those, this is easier to reach than Covilhã, in the eastern side.

Positive impression ​Museu do Pão

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Seia - 1 lunch and many nights

Good place

This restaurant was “the official” reason of our recent trip to “Serra da Estrela“. To be fair I must confess that it was not reason enough to drive more than 500 Km in a country where you may eat well almost everywhere, but, together with the snow and the visit of Piódão in the way, it was a good pretext to move ten people in a holiday.

Eat and sleep in Seia

Well, the restaurant is good – a nice room with big windows overlooking the valley, good traditional food, gentle service, and a reasonable price.

We will return!

Address: Quinta Fonte do Marrão, Seia

Phone: +351 238 310 160

Website: Museu

Positive impression Camelo – Good option

Always my favorite

This is one of the best places to stay, for those who come to the Serra da Estrela from the north. This hotel is comfortable, well priced, and with an excellent restaurant service.


I stayed there several times, reason enough to say that it was “our” hotel in Seia. It now belongs to Eurosol chain, that I know well in Leiria, but never visited the hotel with the new management. However for what I remember of the old hotel and what I know of Eurosol, I have no doubt that this will remain “our” hotel in Seia, if needed

​PS – My only experience in the restaurant was also well succeeded.

Address: Avª 1º De Maio, 16, 6270-479 Seia

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