S. Vicente do Paul

S. Vicente do Paul


Visiting S. Vicente do Paul

To see For several years S. Vicente do Paul was no more than a sportive pavilion with a few houses around, where the dancers of Santarém area went to dance.

After five or six visits I had the chance to look around.

Yes, it is a modest sportive pavilion wit a few houses around, but I think that the main village is spread several hundred meters apart, far enough to dis-encourage a walking visit, with dance going on.


Visiting S. Vicente do Paul
Visiting S. Vicente do Paul

To be honest I saw nothing really attractive in S. Vicente do Paul.

Maybe because I was born in a village, used to the simple views and signs of rural people, I have not the sensible eyes of those born in the concrete jungles, and able to appreciate any simple detail.

​I don’t have it, but I try. 


S. Vicente do Paul
General view

Located north of the river Tejo, not so outstanding as in the southern bank, the “Ribatejano” way of life is also present and clearly visible – cattle and agriculture everywhere.


S. Vicente do Paul
Local celebration

Great progress in the village!

The wild space where we parked and made the first local picture is deeply transformed, in a well-conceived and nice square.

Yes! ​S. Vicente do Paul is changing.

S. Vicente do Paul
Main square

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