S. Pedro Moel

São Pedro de Moel – 3 beaches by the forest


To see Visiting São Pedro de Moel

In the Heart of the Pine Forest

Nested in the pine forest of Leiria, São Pedro de Moel, referred in some manuals as an example of good town-planning, is an ideal small place for nature lovers.

ot so crowded as most of the other beaches, it’s well prepared for hiking or biking.

​Swimming is possible in the summer, the real charm of the place is better felt out of season.

Most of the time, the chosen place to swim is the huge pool, right on the beach. In peek season and weekends it gets really crowded, inviting you to go somewhere else, but there are several alternatives not far from there.

The Praia Velha (old beach) is located close to the camping site, and the best area of the pine forest.


S. Pedro Moel
S. Pedro Moel

Wild in winter (and sometimes also in summer) it’s not the best beach in the area to swim, but it is a beautiful place, providing life and excitement in the beach, and tranquility in residential area.

​That makes it a favorite destination to many.

​Public pool

São Pedro de Moel
São Pedro de Moel

The sea is quite often too rough for a safe swim in S. Pedro de Moel.

In those days, the large public pool adjacent to the beach becomes… very small.

​It is part of a larger complex, with four indoor and outdoor pools, all with salty water, working from April to September, at a cheap price.


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Visiting São Pedro de Moel

A reference in the landscape, the lighthouse was built one hundred years ago.

Standing 55 meters above sea level, its light is visible from more than 40 miles.​

S. Pedro Moel
Visiting São Pedro de Moel

​Praia Velha

São Pedro de Moel
São Pedro de Moel

North of the city, a wide beach is easily accessed walking or by car.

Called “Praia Velha – Old beach” I don’t know why, it’s less populated, and sheltered by the national pine forest, and it’s a very good solution for a rich and variegated day in contact with nature.

​There’s a restaurant at the entrance and… that’s all.

​Pedras Negras

São Pedro de Moel
São Pedro de Moel

A few kilometers north of town (and a bit north of Praia Velha) the large and generally empty sand stripe that extends until Praia da Vieira is accessible, by an unpaved road with a parking in the end.

​A small bar, is the only construction in this area called Pedras Negras.

​The National Pine Forest

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Visiting São Pedro de Moel

In the old days, the woods by the old beach were one of the favorite destinations for those in search of a calm afternoon with friends, grilling some sardines and enjoying the wonders of nature. Now, it keeps being a top destination for picnics, but… no fire. Absolutely… no fire.
So, bring a cooked picnic, and enjoy! Furthermore… don’t smoke. For all reasons plus one.

S. Pedro Moel
Visiting São Pedro de Moel

Doubtful impression Mar e Sol

São Pedro de Moel
São Pedro de Moel

Robalo, of course

Good food and good service. In 99% of my many visits the main course is “Robalo com molho de camarão”, really, really, really good, but I also had the chance to verify that the entire list follows the high quality standard.

Not so pricey as you could expect. Excellent, for a hotel’s restaurant!

Favorite Dish:
1 – “Robalo com molho de camarão” (Sea bass with shrimp sauce)
2 – “Robalo com molho de camarão”
3 – Everything else

Hotel2 Mar e Sol

São Pedro de Moel
São Pedro de Moel

​Feel the salty mist

I used this well known hotel for the New Year’s Eve and everything was excellent. The staff is professional and nice, the food delicious, and the party was vivid and pleasant. The location of the hotel invited to a refreshing stroll along the shores, reinforcing the good impressions of the nice town.The hotel has recently reopened, after maintenance works, and I heard that it is much better now. I must go, and check for myself.

Address: Avenida da Liberdade, 1 São Pedro de Moel

Phone: 351.244.590.000

Website: Mar e Sol

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