São Pedro do Sul – 2 versions (town and the famous spa)


The city of S. Pedro do Sul

Visiting São Pedro do Sul
Visiting São Pedro do Sul

If it happens to you like me – you arrive in São Pedro do Sul, ignoring that the spas are 5 km away, don’t rush out. Take a walk around the city, which has character and some interesting buildings.

Then… the hot springs, of course, but calmly, as is required in spas.

São Pedro do Sul

The Spa of S. Pedro do Sul

São Pedro do Sul


S. Pedro do Sul

The small city

S. Pedro do Sul


S. Pedro do Sul


S. Pedro do Sul

Roman remains

S. Pedro do Sul

Positive impression D. Afonso Henriques

D. Afonso Henriques

In our unique meal in S. Pedro do Sul, we asked a local for a recommendation for a nice late dinner. We were recommended this pastry shop, which serves light meals.

Got it!
A good dinner, and a good price.

I recommend Quinta Chão do Rio

Quinta Chão do Rio
S. Pedro do Sul

An excellent choice in S. Pedro do Sul for those who travel by car and want peace without too many demands. Comfortable, easy access and parking, stunning scenery, close to the center, at a very interesting price.

Night animation

Visiting São Pedro do Sul

We only spent a pleasant summer night in the baths, feeling like walking through the gardens to the sound of the murmur of the river, while in the main square folklore was entertainment for more than a hundred people. Excellent night, at the service of the word REST.

Distances from town to spa

S. Pedro do Sul

We headed to São Pedro do Sul to spend the night, and suffered long minutes looking for a street that… wasn’t there. It was in the hot springs, which, 4 kilometers away, ended up generating a small independent village. Calm and trouble-free route, which allowed to appreciate the beauty of the landscape.

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