São João da Madeira

Visiting São João da Madeira


São João da Madeira – Industrial City

No, S. João da Madeira It is not a touristy destination.

It’s a quickly grown city with industrial support.

Kind people, proximity to some interesting points in a touristy perspective, and… not much more.

​Nossa Senhora dos Milagres

São João da Madeira
São João da Madeira

The highest point in town has a recent chapel, surrounded by a small but cool park.

It seems to be the first serious attempt to embellish a laborious and uncharacteristic town.

I recommend Rodízio in Las Vegas City

Las Vegas city
Las Vegas city

For the lovers of Brazilian grill (I am!) a few kilometers out of town there’s this restaurant.

Nice service following the “Rodizio” style, except that there’s no self-service side dishes, however, they bring to table all that you need.

​A good meal, but I was not allowed to see the bill!

Address: Av Descobrimentos s/n Nogueira de Cravo. on the road to Vale de Cambra

Site: Vegas

Phone: 351 256 866196

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