Santo da Serra


To see Visiting Santo da Serra – farming

I wouldn’t go there, but I was taken there.

Santo da Serra is a somewhat plane area in a generally steep island, and that’s why (maybe) it became the destination of golfers in Madeira.

​A new project to protect biodiversity is the most visited highlight, in a village that is also known by its cider production.

Biodiversity farm

Visiting Santo da Serra
Biodiversity farm

We had lunch in a farm that is managed by the government and pretends to protect the island’s biodiversity.

A well-kept space with a small zoo, it is a special place for kids, but also nice for adults.

​It seems that there are golf and horses nearby, but I didn’t see them.

Santo António


Santo António was only a stop to taste poncha.

Is it part of Santo da Serra? I don’t know. Does it have more?

Yes, I know that the landscape around it is nice, but… what else?


Santo da Serra
Santo da Serra

Cider is a well known drink from apple, not appreciated in Portugal.

As a mater of fact, inland, it will be difficult to find it out of the malls specialized in imported articles. The only Portuguese place that I know where cider is produced and appreciated is in Santo da Serra.

​Of course, all tourists passing there are invited to taste, and all Portuguese leave saying that… they don’t miss much at home…


Santo serra

Tourism made famous two local cocktails: Nikita, a long drink based in cream, and Poncha, a strong short drink with alcohol and honey, both sweet.

Though some places claim “the best of…” it is possible to taste them almost everywhere now, so, if you are not driving…​

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