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Santiago de Compostela


To see Santiago de Compostela – First visit

Santiago de Compostela

Old City

I felt sorry for being so short in time for Santiago.

Its maze of narrow streets with churches and palaces deserved a full day… at least.

A reason to return!


First visit


This is my first visit to Santiago de Compostela, but I loved the city. Its main attraction is the huge cathedral that drags thousands of pilgrims each year, but I think that, arriving so tired they can’t appreciate the place. I did, and wish to return with more time. The cathedral is started in the 11th century, and it is today a very beautiful complex with many adding and embellishments, from different epochs and styles. It deserves much more time than the few hours I could spend there.

First visit
First visit
First visit


The cathedral of Santiago de Compostela is the biggest Romanesque church in Spain, and it has a very austere look inside, contrasting with the architecture.

The most remarkable exceptions are the choir and the magnificent organ.

Doubtful impression Congreso hotel – A perfect choice


After several attempts to find the perfect combination of quality, price, good access to Santiago and easy parking, this **** hotel promoted at the price of two and with free parking was the final decision.

Well done! The hotel is good, parking was easy, and 5 minutes driving took us the the historic area.

Site: Hotel

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