Santa barbara by solopes

Santa Barbara – Good surprise in 1st visit

To see Visiting Santa Barbara – Beach at my scale

Santa Barbara was, for us, the most appealing beach in the west of USA. A good stripe of sand, a calm sea, an organized and well-maintained shore and lots of shops and restaurants at walking distance. 
​The life seamed easy and calm, and good taste was present. Even the sun came to help our good appreciation. Definitively: Santa Barbara was “MY” beach in my first trip to California

Tropical Look

Visiting Santa Barbara
Sea front

Freezing from San Francisco to Los Angeles, we had in Santa Barbara the best contact with sub-tropical weather and flora.

​We didn’t see any large garden or park (we only had a couple of hours to the beautiful city), but most streets show luxurious trees and flowers.

Spanish or moor?

Santa Barbara 1

Don’t expect me to write down what we may learn in the official page of the courthouse. I only tell you my great impression about the building. In a country where the attempts to copy European styles sometimes lead to disaster, due to the American cultural “obligation” of doing everything big and spectacular, this building has an absolute harmony and balanced proportions. Used to see courthouses that evidence austerity and severity, the main feeling in this place is… sensibility. And that is important also in justice!

Address: 1100 Block of Anacapa

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