Sandvig in autumn


To see ​​Sandvig

Allinge and Sandvig, side by side! Two small cities, combining to make a… small city. Very alike, I could find no differences nor separation.
​I visited Sandvig under a bad weather (according to my Mediterranean references), with a rough sea. It didn’t add much to my general idea of Bornholm, except that the houses show a slightly different conception, I don’t know why.



Smoking fish is the traditional activity in Bornholm. Most places are already treated to touristy display, but it is still possible to see some facilities from the time where the sights didn’t mean a thing. Most of them abandoned, that’s true, but still present.




Well… there’s a beach, but only its memory makes me tremble…I understand why do the nordic people, when they visit us, stay so much time “grilling” in the sun, and why swimming in Algarve is good in November or March… for them!



The biggest medieval fortification of northern Europe is in Hammershus, close to Sandvig. Built in 13th century it is today a ruin, where we still may understand its conception, imagine the ramparts, and see the several defensive solutions in circles.
​Once a residence of king Valdemar II, this castle from the 13th century, is today a ruin in a beautiful area of the coast north of Bornholm. Reconstruction in 1900 recovered part of the walls and a tower.



I read about the interesting walk in the wild terrains of Hammeren, and went there.

Time was short, the female company was feeling too cold, and we went back.

​I saw nothing special, but… I concede: we didn’t go THERE!


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