San martin

San Martin de la Vega – 2 Funny days


San Martin de la Vega

I confess that I only became aware of this name when the family dragged me to Parque Warner. I confess that I saw nothing else, apart from the park, but I ask: Does anyone besides the residents know this location?

Fun in Park Warner

San Martin de la Vega 1
San martin 1

It is clear that the park was designed primarily for children, but it is not difficult for any adult to share in the fun, even without appealing to the child that persists within each one.

Eating in the park

Warner 3
Warner 3

The biggest disappointment of the Disney and Universal parks was the impossibility of escaping the tragic American fast food.
Here we could choose a normal restaurant, with normal food, at almost normal prices, and with the usual party. I liked!

4 Generations

Img 20170731 154749
Img 20170731 154749

If there were doubts about whether the park would be for all ages, just look at how our 4 generations had fun, some in a frenetic activity, others, naturally, in a more contemplative way.

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  1. Your posts always provide me with a new perspective and encourage me to look at things differently Thank you for broadening my horizons

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