Salou – 3rd visit, the best


Visiting Salou

Salou or Salou?

I’ve been in Salou twice: the first with the kids, in an isolated hotel over the beach, in Cap Salou.

Everything was quiet and relaxing, at least while the Italians allowed it.

This time I went to a central hotel, and the beach was overcrowded. Between the two, I clearly choose the first: more shadows to read, sea at your feet…

​But… no shops! So, with Fernanda, town, of course!

And then it came the third and long visit. Travelling with the kids is something different, and I will write about it.

​Levante Beach

Visiting Salou
In the beach

A clear blue sea… a white and empty stripe of sand… a coconut tree… that’s Salou.

Excuse – me, I was reading a brochure, but reality is… almost that:

The clear blue sea is somewhat greenish but OK.

The white sand is brown.

The coconut tree is palm tree.​

To empty the stripe of sand I just have to invite out the 20 or 30 thousand people sharing it:

“Bomb”! “Bomb”!

Didn’t work.

“Tax collector”! “Tax collector!”

No way.

Well, I’d better get some space to bath:

“Shark! Shark! Shark”!

Wrong again.

“Jellyfish!; Jellyfish!”

​Did it work? Well look around before entering the water, because… it may be true.

I recommend Gaúcho

Img 20190819 092447
Img 20190819 092447

Well located and with an attractive aspect, the Gaucho temped us for few days, until we decided to enter. We didn’t regret it – the meat was great, the amount plentiful, at the right price, though, of course, a little above usual in fast food restaurants.

Website : Gaucho

Positive impression Abuelo

Img 20190814 214828
Img 20190814 214828

One of the many restaurants in the lively area of Salou, its menu seemed to fill the needs of adults and children, so we chose it. It was ok. The food was not outstanding, but it was well served at a fair price. No remarks, nor complaints.

Positive impression Sappore di Mare

Img 20190821 201320
Img 20190821 201320

With almost all the family enjoying the fun of Port Aventuras, the three remaining of us choose this restaurant to dine a pizza.

Good option – large and tasty pizzas, gentle service, good price. Maybe we will repeat it with all the family.

Yes, we did, and the impression was positive again.

Bad day Shisha and Food

Img 20190818 221134
Img 20190818 221134

I would never choose this restaurant (Sexy Cat), but… they served food, the family pushed me in, and I risked.

The service was bad – the waiter seemed to be in the moon (maybe with shisha effects), and we had to ask things two or three times, to three different waiters to have our dinner.

We decided to have tapas, an option that allows some alternative defenses, and that revealed to be a good option – a couple of tapas were good, another couple was bad, the remaining was… food.

With the hundreds of restaurants in Salou, this was, for sure, the first and last visit.

Positive impression Cap Salou hotel

Salou 549
Salou 549

In a “private” Cala

A big and noisy hotel in Cap Salou, by a delicious beach. Too many children and too many Italians for a proper rest, but enough good swim and enough life if you wish it. The room was OK, the food had nothing to remember or complaint, and for the kids it worked perfectly.

​Reasonable prices.

Phone: +34 977 37 19 85

Website: Cap Salou

I recommend Magnolia hotel

Sleeping in Salou
Sleeping in Salou – Magnolia

Close to the Beach

A modern and comfortable hotel, with good facilities and location, but a little pricey. Parking was a nightmare, needing to go out from time to time to buy a ticket, but in three days I had no fine.

Address: C/ Madrid , 8

Phone: +34 977 35 17 17

Website: Magnolia



Acquainted to the Portuguese sand, which is soft, smooth, and gentle to your body, I had a bad experience in Salou.

In my first day I became suspicious when, having rented two chairs, the guy came with an electric drill to install the umbrella. Efficient, I thought, and forgot it.

​Having paid for the renting more than the umbrella’s cost, and with the last day limited to a couple of hours, we decided to buy an umbrella to bring back to our garden, and to sit on the towel.​

Bad idea!​ Any rock would be more comfortable, and that couple of hours were enough to make me come back home with a pain in my back and… yes, there.

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