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Land side

We passed this beach many times, but for decades, I only remember stopping in 1976 to treat a sunstroke of a child, without a single glimpse of town and beach.
Recently we stopped again now, but only for lunch, which means we never saw the beach itself, but, as I intend to continue passing by, one day it will be.

Doubtful impression Aguas Verdes – Strange

Aguas Verdes
Aguas Verdes

What a strange and terrible reception, when we decided to stop in this beach to have lunch! The waiter almost told us to go eat elsewhere – first explaining that they only had the menu of the day, afterwards announcing that the kitchen was still close, only opening in… eight minutes.

Fernanda decided not to eat and we ordered… something.

After all, the food was not bad, the price was cheap, but food is not everything, professionalism is also required.

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