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Salir do Porto and dunes


Cangas de Onis Beach

Salir do Porto is a small village in the southern tip of S. Martinho do Porto’s bay.

The bay is a contiguous beach with population at each end and a wild area between them.

That’s what allow Salir to have a different ambiance, with the dunes working as an extra attraction to the kids. But commerce and nightlife are at the other side of the bay.

​Some problems with pollution in the local river seem to have already been solved.

​River and Dunes

Salir do Porto

Though S Martinho is a very calm beach, ideal for kids, Salir is even quieter, with the river ending in the bay with a wider and shallow mouth.

The river is treated, and pollution, an old risk, is gone.

At its side, the dunes, when the sun gets weaker, become a Luna park.

​Some people said that the sea took too much sand away this winter. I verified, and in the summer of 2022 it is perfect.



As a beach, Salir shares with S. Martinho the calm and shallow waters of the common bay.

If S. Martinho has the advantage of a better habitacional support and commerce, Salir has the extra attraction of the high dunes, where, no matter at what time of the day, there will always be several children rolling and laughing.

Unless… My pictures evidence the advantage of “out of season” visits.​


The church


The chapel


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