Rio Lagartos

Rio Lagartos park


To seeRio Lagartos park

Don´t waste your time in this rather common village.

Book a boat, and head to the bird sanctuary.

​The pleasure of the trip is only beaten by the increase of respect for Nature.

Boat trip

Rio Lagartos park
in Rio Lagartos park

Flamingos are the attraction that calls everyone to the lagoon. 

However, the trip to their place is not a wasted time, and if you have the luck to have a storm in the horizon, as we had, than you’ll be conquered by the strong contrasts of surreal colors… as we were.

Strange crabs

Rio Lagartos
Strange crabs

Flamingos are the highlight that drags the few visitors of Rio Lagartos, but all around you, the nature is dominant, with birds, lizards, snakes, and even a strange crab that seems coming out of a prehistoric movie, but it’s real.


Narai Hotel

What a show! 

The boat’s motor is off, approaching in a silent paddling, and, suddenly, a pink cloud wings the sky, in a synchronized ballet, to lay down some meters ahead. 

Unforgettable images!

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